When you want to create a row with a beautiful hedge, the leylandii hedges are the hedges to go. When they are planted in rows, their thick foliage creates a compact green barrier. This way it will protect you home from prying eyes.

Why should you grow a Leylandii?

The dense foliage, fast-growing rate and hardy nature are one of the reasons that make the leylandii a fantastic garden hedge. Other reasons as to why you should grow a leylandii:

  • The leylandii is fast growing tree. It has a growth rate of 91 to 152 cm per year.
  • The plant grows large enough to offer the screen and privacy you are looking for. By growing 609 to 762 cm wide and 1219 to 1828 cm tall, it will completely shield your home.
  • The leylandii needs little to no maintenance. You only need to prune it twice a year to maintain the same height and shape.
  • Thanks to its high resistance to diseases and pests, it is a highly sought-after hedging plant.
  • The plant also absorbs noise from neighbors and motorists. This will reduce the noise level and thus creating a calm and peaceful environment. Because the leylandii is very dense and has evergreen foliage, it will create a windbreak while reducing air pollution.
  • The leylandii can be planted at any time of the year. It is best to avoid frosty and very wet conditions as this may damage the plant’s roots. Late fall is considered the best time to plant a leylandii.

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