Lathyrus Odoratus. Not for nothing is this flower so called. Deliciously soft-smelling flowers, anyone can sow them and put them in the garden. Nice to let them grow against a shed, but even nicer to pick them yourself. They are like gossamer-thin fairies with delicate wings. If you look at them up close you will see how beautiful they really are.

This small cut flower can be grown in any garden. Sow from February/April in a pot or container indoors or in a greenhouse. Every year I sow them in a small bowl.

After emergence prick out in a pot and if the plant has enough roots you can plant it out in the garden around February.

In garden centers they are often for sale as plants. They grow like peas and climb into a rack by themselves.

Lathyrus Seeds
There are several varieties of lathyrus. There is a perennial and an annual. I go for the annual, the Lathyrus Odoratus. It smells very fresh and has very nice colors. You can’t smell the perennial, but you don’t have to sow it every year.

You can buy the seeds (they look like little peas) almost anywhere. By color or as a color mixture.

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